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Top of the Day Family...I am Coach John

Top of the Day Family,

I am Coach John, Owner of Southern Bred Fitness. I would like to welcome you to my first blog which might be a scattershot but follow along as I travel on my fitness journey as a Husband, Father, Mentor, Veteran, and much more. I am so proud of the person that I have become. I wanted to use my platform to inspire other young men such as myself, to start creating healthier habits by exercising more, meditating, and eating healthier. Optimal health is a priority for me because I have smaller versions of myself that depend on me to protect and provide.

Small habits, paired with consistency will generate a lifestyle or a way of life. I started to experiment with vegetarian recipes, which in turn allowed me to expand my pallet and understand the nutritional value of certain plants. As I slowly introduced new vegetables into my eating habits, I started to eat less meat and more vegetables. That's just one of many changes I have initiated to become healthier.

Every day I begin my day by praising the Most High and exercising gratitude for the blessings that I have experienced in life. If someone was to approach me and tell me that I would be where I am now 15 years ago, I would not believe them. You could not persuade me into believing that I would be an Army Veteran, with a beautiful wife and two amazing kids. I know that it sounds cliche but I came a long way from not having a lot. I cannot even say that I came from nothing because I know that someone else, somewhere is fighting a more difficult battle than I was.

I wanted to start my blogs with something that everyone can relate to and that’s gratitude. I'm thankful for my family. My wife, daughter, and son are everything thing to me. Every day I'm challenging myself to be better than the day prior so I can show up for myself and them as well. After serving almost 12 years in the Army, I can honestly say that although I put my family aside for my career, My FAMILY was there when my career put me aside. I always knew that the military was just temporary, but now I realized that I poured too much into it than my family.

Come Back next week and lets talk more.


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