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What Are You Grateful For?

I’m grateful for this experience that everyone keeps calling “Life”. If understood, life should be a constant evolution of oneself. Actions and reactions are mentally documented every day and how we respond to those events are recalled as good and/or bad experiences. I cannot change my past but it can be recognized as an experience that was lived.

Out of all of those experiences, I regret none. They made me who I am today. After almost 12 years in the military, I am grateful to have experienced everything and everyone that I’ve come across. From great Leadership to good examples of how NOT to lead. I’ve learned that not everyone has your best interest when it comes to YOUR FUTURE. As I began my transition, I felt betrayed. After all, I was that Non-Commissioned Officer that was leaving home after hours because I had to recover a vehicle. I thought that it was my job to be there when I’m needed, and now that I needed the uniform to hear ME….SILENCE. So that experience showed me that I MUST show up for John first. No one else is responsible for my happiness but ME. Thank you JBLM, Thank you, Campbell, Thank you, Bliss, Thank you, Jackson, and Thank you, Benning.

I cannot express gratitude without mentioning my family. They have been with me through it all. From the long nights in the motorpool to leaving months at a time on missions to the other side of the country.

“Daddy, when are you coming back?” Asks, Liah and I couldn’t even answer her because I wasn’t sure myself. Say what you want but my daughter is mentally stronger than most adults. I’m grateful for her understanding that both of her parents were on Active Duty making sacrifices that she will fully understand later.

Keela, you are amazing and I truly believe that it was divine that the Most High aligned our spirits so that we may grow old together. I love teaching each other while we inspire our peers. The experiences we’ve created are endless and we still have a lifetime to go. Thank you for believing in me. Thank you for igniting the fire that laid dormant inside of me. Now it’s time to set the future ablaze!!

Thank you for giving me your attention. Come back next week so we can talk more!

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Great post, very inspirationa!

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