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About Me.

​Coach John here.  Creating healthy meals for my family, maintaining my physical health, and practicing mindfulness are a few things that I love to do when I am not training clients.  As a father of two, I aim to provide my children with a positive role model that teaches them to be physically and mentally strong.  A figure that is fluent in movement and compassionate with thoughts.  Those attributes were attainable because I made my health paramount.  I had to evolve not for me but for them too, and that's why longevity is a familiar word to me.   


Imagine the person you would have to become to wake up and run five days a week at 630 am or earlier.  I am that person.  I  was molded into this characteristic of a silent leader.  After 11 years in the military, I enjoyed standing in front of my soldiers on the turf field, roaring the cadences of each movement.  This is what sets me apart, my ability to move with precise execution.  My actions are cued as if you were watching a squad of soldiers run by.    


As a veteran, I continue to assist fathers such as myself in maintaining their fitness levels or reinventing themselves by starting a fitness journey.  There are always areas to improve, and I am here to change the perception of rigid patterns as we mature.    ​​

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